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  SAFETY (CUTTING) RULER                                       ADJUSTABLE CAKE CUTTER

Adjustable Cake Cutter is the first, the most unique and the smartest cake cutter. Receive the GOLD MEDAL AWARD in 2009 Taipei INST and patents from many countries. This cake cutter has stylish profile and novel unique design. Through more than two years of diligent research and development, we are ready to take this product to market, now. There are three ingenious patent features:

1.   “The adjustable hook”: To cut cake in various sizes

2.   “The cake holder”: Easy to lift and place cake into a plate

3.   “The assemble design”: Easy clean up

 『Adjustable Cake Cutter』Awarded 2011 Republic of China country invention creation prize--Silver medal winner

 Please check the following local TV report/programs:

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Adjustable Cake Cutter, after reported on TV media and demonstrated in public many times, has received lots of appreciation and affection. We are grateful and will do our best to ensure the best quality.

Afterward, Smart Idea International Co., LTD will place other products on the market.

1. SAFETY (CUTTING) RULER: (multi-country patent invention) When we need a ruler for straight-line cutting, the protection piece can be flipped up to provide great protection on the fingers from the cutting devices.(Gold medal winner at 2010 Taipei International Invention Exhibition)

 Smart Idea International Co., LTD will keep on R&D to deliver more life creativity and innovation products. Your support and encouragement are our motivation.


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